• Fake Lash Hack To Help You Get 15 Wears Out Of Each Pair

    Maybe it’s just us, but we like to get a few wears out of a pair of disposable false eyelashes. After all, those bad boys are expensive, so it’s a complete sin to throw a tenner’s worth of lashes in the bin after one night on the town. Luckily, Huda Beauty has just uploaded an eyelash treatment that makes your lashes look good as new for up to 15 wears.

  • Make The Most of Your Eyes with These 9 Best False Eyelashes

    If you are hoping to improve what what you already have now got, consider wearing a set of false lashes. They can easily second amp up your look. From nice, delicate styles to sensational, voluminous sets there's a lash for each look, however finding the best match for you can be troublesome, fortunately, that is the place we come in.
  • Easy Trick to Get the Hollywood Look

    The media is full of fantastic looks. From our feeds to our televisions, the amount of artistry and execution in makeup and fashion has truly hit the next level. On top of that, we see it every day. How many times a day does one scroll through Instagram? How many YouTube videos do we have queued? It seems as though everyone is flat out glamorous.